H. R. P. L.

          High Roller Poker League

Phrase that pay's: "Wing Nutz Frisco High Roller Monthly Sat. @ 1"

We have out High Roller August Monthly at Wing Nutz - Frisco
this Saturday at 1 o'clock for $500. We will pay out
                                        3 places: $300-1st, $100-2nd, $50-3rd, & $50 to                                      last standing VIP.

Our Tournament of Champions will be this Sunday the 22nd
at 3 pm at Melones Sports Bar to decide who wins the
seat into WSOP Event #3 at Choctaw which
gurantee's a $200,000 pay-out. Spread the good word.

   One more week to qualify for our Tournament of Champions
                                players. See WSOP promo. Each win adds $10,000 to your                                                                             starting chip stack so keep on winning.                                                   If you're not first,  you're last. 


New WSOP Choctaw $200,000 guarantee promo event.
Initial list of Winners who have Qualified for WSOP Event:
This is is not complete; congratulations winners.

      Winner            Location             Date             Day of Week
 Samatha Hughes British Lion 9/18/2017 Monday
John Mathew Duke's 9/18/2017 Monday
Holiday Wizard's 9/19/2017 Tuesday
Ramsey Theroit Rackdaddy's 9/19/2017 Tuesday
Carl Jones Hideaway 9/19/2017 Tuesday
Devin Thompson Stan's Blue Note 9/20/2017 Wednesday
Eric Lee Inca's 9/21/2017 Thursday
Bobby Stevens Rackdaddy's 9/21/2017 Thursday
Rudy Tajalle Wing Nutz 9/22/2017 Friday
Sergio Benrey Inca's 9/22/2017 Friday
Suzanne Butler Hideaway 9/23/2017 Saturday
Iman Zamni Inca's 9/23/2017 Saturday
Peter Wagner Wing Nutz 9/24/2017 Sunday
Guillermo Daniel Tio Carlos 9/24/2017 Sunday
Doug Mahr Duke's 9/25/2017 Monday
Chris Robarts British Lion 9/25/2017 Monday
Bobby Stevens Wizard's 9/26/2017 Tuesday
Mike Oglesby Hideaway 9/26/2017 Tuesday
Darin Martin Rackdaddy's 9/26/2017 Tuesday
Veronica Presswood Stan's Blue Note 9/27/2017 Wednesday
John Mathew Inca's 9/28/2017 Thursday
Jim Maday Rackdaddy's 9/28/2017 Thursday
Michael Zevallos Inca's 9/29/2017 Friday
Melanie Chandler Hideaway 9/30/2017 Saturday
Wanda Grogan Melones 10/1/2017 Sunday
Henry Martinez Rackdaddy's 10/1/2017 Sunday
Bobby Stevens Tio Carlos 10/1/2017 Sunday
Jose Barraza Melones 10/2/2017 Monday
Ty Bernard British Lion 10/2/2017 Monday
Mike Oglesby Hideaway 10/3/2017 Tuesday
Barbara Rafalik Rackdaddy's 10/3/2017 Tuesday
Tim Martinez Wizard's 10/3/2017 Tuesday
Kyle Ramirez Stan's Blue Note 10/4/2017 Wednesday
John Mathew Inca's 10/5/2017 Thursday
Carlos Jaimes Wing Nutz 10/5/2017 Thursday
Michael Wardlow Rackdaddy's 10/5/2017 Thursday
Ty Bernard Wing Nutz 10/6/2017 Friday
Deanna Runey Inca's 10/6/2017 Friday
Becky Davis Inca's 10/7/2017 Saturday
Ladi Alabi Hideaway 10/7/2017 Sat. game 1
Willie Ryncarz Hideaway 10/7/2017 Sat. game 2
Ed Hennessy Wing Nutz 10/8/2017 Sunday
Rick Clemons Hideout 10/8/2017 Sunday
David Alonzo British Lion 10/9/2017 Monday
Eddie Trevino Melones 10/9/2017 Monday
Doug Mahr Hideaway 10/10/2017 Tuesday
Joe Seyler Wing Nutz 10/10/2017 Tuesday
Jaclyn Pointdextor Wing Nutz 10/12/2017 Thursday

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                              Rodney Boyd took down the High Roller Quarterly Saturday.                           How sweet it is!


Todd Harrison had high-hand last Saturday at 
the High Roller $800 Quarterly; quad 5's are good!

   ***High Roller Poker League has $600 Monthly Circuit Events, $800 Quarterly Events &
    $1,500 Annual Circuit Events. Accrue player points and receive bonus chips for Circuit games.
           All Games are free to play. That's why they are called "free-rolls." It's a  beautiful thing.