High Roller Poker League       

Phrase that pay's: "2 New Venues - Draft House Saturday; Pit Stop Sunday!"

We are playing @Draft House in Dallas Saturday at 5 pm for $150 & @
 Pit Stop Sunday in N. Richland Hills @ 3 & 5 for $50/$100.
It just keeps getting better!


                Eric Watson & Courtney Freedman           Tara Tate won 2nd Quarter
             went 1, 2 in our Quarterly at Dukes                       Points Race & $250
   Icehouse Thursday; Eric - $300, Courtney $125
                      It's nice to win; money is fun.

   ***High Roller Poker League has $400 Monthly Circuit Events, $600 Quarterly Events &
    $1,000 Annual Circuit Events. Accrue player points and receive bonus chips for Circuit games.






              Anyone for a trip to Las Vegas?