H. R. P. L.

          High Roller Poker League

Phrase that pay's: "New Wednesday game @ Stan's Blue Note @ 7 ."

New tournament starting at 7 o'clock at Stan's Blue Note on Greenville Ave. this
coming Wednesday night. We start June 28th and the address is 2908 Greenville
Ave. Dallas, 75206. Frankie from Wing Nutz will be there and everybody loves
Frankie. Too much fun! Stan's is the oldest Greenville bar with great character.
It's sure to be a good time; bring your smile.

Congratulations to Bobby Munnagi who won the High Roller
Monthly this past Saturday at Wing Nutz. Bobby is on fire!

          List of winners for Tournament of Champions Through May.

                                Congratulations Winners!            

   Date    Day      Location      Name of Winner
May 10th Wed Wing Nutz Garland Tim Martinez
May 10th Wed Bombones CHRIS JOHNSON
May 11th Thur Inca's Café Esau Sarabia
May 11th Thur Rack Daddy's RANDY ROCKETT
May 12th Thur Wing Nutz Frisco Henry Martinez
May 12th Fri Inca's Café Tim Hunt
May 13th Sat Dukes Ice House
May 13th Sat Hideaway Lydell Stevenson
May 13th Sat Inca's Café MIKE CRAWFORD
May 14th Sun Rack Daddy's BRANSON HORSMAN
May 15th  Mon Social Pie SHAY HOUSTON
May 15th  Mon The Roots Bar Greg Piper
May 15th  Mon Dukes Ice House Colten Miller
May 15th  Mon Wizards Spots Café MARK WILKINSON
May 16th Tues Wing Nutz Garland Stephen Gonzales
May 16th Tues Rack Daddy's STEVE MUNSON
May 16th Tues Hideaway John Freeman
May 17th Wed Wing Nutz Garland Jose Barraza
May 17th  Wed Bombones RICARDO LANDA
May 18th Thur Inca's Café Christi Tillman
May 18th Thur Rack Daddy's Zach Scroggins
May 18th  Thur Wing Nutz Frisco William Miller
May 19th  Fri Inca's Café Elias El-Ayoubi
May 20th Sat Dukes Ice House
May 20th Sat Hideaway SHAY HOUSTON
May 20th Sat Inca's Café Adrian Pena
May 21st Sun Rack Daddy's Barbara Rafalik
May 22nd Mon The Roots Bar Greg Piper
May 22nd Mon Dukes Ice House Gregory Johnson
May 22nd Mon Wizards Spots Café EDDIE LARA
May 23rd Tues Wing Nutz Garland Aaron Pardue
May 23rd Tues Rack Daddy's RAQUEL HOLIDAY
May 23rd Tues Hideaway BARBARA RAFALIK
May 24th Wed Wing Nutz Garland Andy Truong
May 24th Wed Bombones MARK WILKINSON
May 25th  Thur Inca's Café
May 25th  Thur Rack Daddy's DARIN MARTIN
May 25th  Thur Wing Nutz Frisco Sal Palmieri
May 26th Fri Inca's Café
May 27th  Sat Dukes Ice House Rick Alcorta
May 27th  Sat Hideaway BARBARA RAFALIK
May 27th  Sat Inca's Café FRANCISCO GUANCO
May 28th  Sun Rack Daddy's Bobby Munnangi
May 29th  Mon The Roots Bar Greg Piper
May 29th  Mon Dukes Ice House Lee Rivera
May 29th  Mon Wizards Spots Café BOBBY MUNNANGI
May 30th Tues Wing Nutz Garland Mick Willis
May 30th Tues Rack Daddy's JUSTIN PITRUCHA
May 30th Tues Hideaway Kerstin Duncan
May 31st  Wed Wing Nutz Garland Aaron Pardue
May 31st  Wed Bombones                

   ***High Roller Poker League has $600 Monthly Circuit Events, $1,000 Quarterly Events &
    $1,500 Annual Circuit Events. Accrue player points and receive bonus chips for Circuit games.
           All Games are free to play. That's why they are called "free-rolls." It's a  beautiful thing.