High Roller Poker League       

Phrase that pay's is: "This week - 3 Circuit Events for $1,200."
It pays to play High Roller.
This Thursday(24th)"Mid-Cities High Roller Monthly Circuit Event" @ Bikini's Arlington @7pm for $200!
This Saturday(26th) High Roller Quarterly Circuit Event @Logies @3 pm for $600!
This coming Monday (28th) Dallas High Roller Monthly Circuit Event @ Liquid Zoo @ 8pm for $400!

Quarterly Tournament for $600 total purse at Logies on Saturday the 26th of July at 3 pm. 
Everybody is welcome to play; however, top 50 ranked quarterly players receive bonus chips!
The pay-outs are $300-1st place, $125-2nd, $100-3rd, $50-4th, $25-5th place - no split.
That's what you get when you play High Roller!


 Dallas High Roller Monthly Circuit Event at Liquid Zoo this coming Monday July 28th at 8 pm for $400!
First place receives $200, 2nd - $100, 3rd - $75 & 4th - $25 - no split. Everyone is invited to play.
The top 40 ranked High Roller players receive  bonus chips. If ya got it, ya got it.

Mike Ryan won the Tournament of Champions - Congratulations Mike!

Quarterly Winners

It's nice to win. Yared Aman won the tournament; $300 in his pocket. Andrew Carlos got 2nd and $150,
Jerri Vincent 3rd-$100 and Eric Andrades 4th for $50. It pays to play High Roller.
Congratulations to all; great poker and a great turnout.

     Tim Pierce                                                 Daniel Story

Anthony De Leon "Bird," won the big High Roller Monthly Circuit Event
at Rocky's this past Saturday & $200. Congratulations Anthony! Kyle Ramirez got
2nd place and $100, Jerri Vincent, 3rd place & $75 & Marshall Keeney, 4th & $25.
Don't spend it all in one place.


                             Anthony "Bird" De Leon                         Kyle Ramirez


                                  Rodney Boyd    Mark Wilkinson
       Congratulations to Rodney Boyd who won today's High Roller Quarterly at Midway                Icehouse and $300; Jamal McNary place 2nd-$100, Scott Vorce 3rd-$75 & Bob Pursell            4th-$25.  Mark Wilkinson won the 4th Quarter points race an collected a cool $250.


                               Congratulations to Miguel Santana who won January's
                              Monthly Circuit Event Sunday at Branson's & the $200. 


                  Congratulations to Simone Edmond for winning the seat to the WSOP Ladies Pendant Event!
                     This picture is Simone from a previous win; the Ladies Pendant Event picture was not clear.


                           Congratulations to Rick Yee who won the Choctaw Seat for Event #3. Way to go Rick!
                                 It pays to play High Roller. Play good this Saturday and bring home the $$$$$.


                       Sundiata Patterson Miguel Santana

      Sundiata Patterson took down the High Roller Monthly Circuit Event this past
      Sunday at Branson's and the $200 1st place prize. Miguel Santana took 2nd place
      and a cool $100. Chris Olenak got 3rd place & $75; Traci Crouch got 4th & $25.
                                         It pays to play High Roller Poker League









High Roller Poker wants to send someone to the 45th edition of the WSOP in Las Vegas.